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I want to discuss with you the reason that I am able to complete more work in less time.   The days when have a three monitor computer are gone.  It is now common place.  For me,


personally, it has been a huge blessing as I am now able to better complete tasks in less time.  It is certainly more efficient to have a 3 monitor computer versus only one or two monitors.  It is actually quite amazing how day traders can dramatically increase their productivity and even more importantly, they can increase their profits.

I work with several guys that day trade on a regular basis and one of them was telling me just this the other day.  He actually recently upgraded his 2 monitor computer to a 3 monitor computer and at the end of the first month of using his new multiple monitor computer system, he notices a rather sharp increase in his profits.  But even more important for him was the fact that he was able to do more work in less time.  On average shaving off 10-15 minutes a day!  That’s pretty incredible if you’re like my friend who has a family and enjoys spending as much time as possible with him.  If you add up all the time he will be saving over the course of the next year, it is almost an extra week that he will be able to spend with them instead of spending it in his office work.

And moreover, with his new 3 monitor computer system he’s actually making a larger profit trading in the futures market.  This is good because it means that he’ll have extra money to put away toward his family.  He is currently saving for his kid’s education, but also sticks a little bit of money away each month so that when vacation time rolls around he can guarantee that his family will have an absolutely amazing time.  You wouldn’t believe the effect of an extra monitor (upgrading from a dual monitor computer system to a three monitor computer system) will have on your profits.  For my coworker, it means averaging an extra 2-3 percent profit each month, which at the end up the year, really adds up.

So why does having an extra monitor make that much difference in both productivity and profit you ask?  Well it is actually pretty common sense.  For my co-worker that uses a variety of programs on his desk top, he actually ends up switching back and forth between applications quite frequently.  Now this may not sound like a big deal, but seconds accumulate faster than you think during the day, so the time that he spent searching for the application he wants to use and opening it up were actually quite a big time waste.  Now, granted my coworker did have a dual monitor computer setup prior to getting his third monitor- but just having one extra monitor of desktop space has really made a huge difference in regards to his ability to be more productive.  The fact of the matter is that this extra monitor has increased both productivity and profit, something that isn’t easy to do in this field.

So how did he go about picking out a 3 monitor computer system?  Well after doing a considerable amount of research he was able to narrow down his options for computer systems quite a bit.  But in the end, my coworker decided that the easiest way to find the best 3 monitor computer system was to consult with an expert, which is precisely what he did.  In fact, one of the main reasons that he decided to go this route was because there were just too many options to choose from when building a new 3 monitor computer.  He had a tough time knowing exactly which graphics card to use, which mother board would work with what RAM and he had literally no idea what SATA hard drive was.  Also, there’s question of which case he should, and in this case that was pretty confusing too, because not every case will work.  You really have to be careful when picking out the case because some are compatible and some are not.

He decided to consult with a company called because they are considerably older than some of their competitors and their reputation is much stronger as well.  Fortunately for my coworker, they were very helpful at  They were able to figure out exactly what he needed and build a new 3 monitor computer system to his specifications. This worked out really well for my coworker.

Is a 3 monitor computer right for you?  A more reasonable question to ask is, would you like to be more productive and increase your profits?  If you answered yes then you should probably upgrade your one monitor computer system to a 3 monitor computer system.   If you decide to upgrade to a three monitor computer system, you will see advantages just like my coworker did.  If you are a stock trader or even if you work in another field, working with more monitors is going to increase your productivity and also increase your profits, so it is something you should definitely do.

To sum up what I’ve said above, I’ve worked my friend (described above) for almost 15 years now and I’ve never seen him able to complete this much work, have this kind of profit and seen him this happy.  The 3 monitor computer system really was a blessing for my friend and coworker.  The only question we ask no is, when he is going to upgrade to a 4 or even 5 monitor computer system.  I know that it won’t be long until he decides he wants to improve his productivity and profits even more than he has already.

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