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Advertising Display with Monitors Multiple Monitors 

Advertising Display with Monitors

If you haven’t noticed already, there has been a growing trend within the small business world, where more and more businesses are using advertising displays with monitors to


power in store advertising efforts.   It has proven to be an effective way to advertise both specials and in store promos, without the cost of expensive (and disposable) signage, that often times is just ignored anyways.  In fact, more and more businesses have been moving to this model because it proves to be an effective way to get a great advertising message across to an entirely new generation of people.   Advertising displays with monitors often include bright colors and changing landscape that allow for an awesome presentation.

Small business owners aren’t the only ones using advertising displays with monitors.  In fact, larger chain stores have been doing this for years.  I remember Best Buy in the circa 1998 had gigantic multi-monitor display on their back wall where they would play all kinds of cool videos, along with music and promos for the store.  At the time (when I was a humble employee) they played popular music videos, along with promos for in store promotions in between.  But the great thing while only Best Buy could afford this type of advertising back in the mid 90’s, it is possible for every business small and large to afford a similar advertising display with monitors these days.  It is really opened the flood gates for how you can self promote within your own business.

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