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Does Arcade Style Racing Improve on Multiple Screens? Multiple Monitors 

Does Arcade Style Racing Improve on Multiple Screens?

If you’d like to experience your favorite racing game in the best possible capacity, then Test Drive Unlimited on multiple screens may be your best option.  You’ve probably heard about the advantages of playing driving games on multiple screens, but we’ll touch on those a bit.  We’ll also talk about what makes Test Drive Unlimited such a fun game to play on multiple screens.

Believe it or not, Test Drive Unlimited has over 125 licensed sport cars like Bugatti Veyron and Ferrari featured in their game.  This means you’ll get some of the coolest vehicles on the road today.  You also get the option to drive off-road terrain such as Hawaii’s beautiful wilderness and the Colorado Rockies.  This also includes some really cool rainforest terrains that you probably won’t see on any other driving game.

If you play on PC or Xbox 360 there are also steering wheel controls available that make driving more realistic.  This includes the popular force feedback wheel controllers, like MS’s Wireless Racing Wheel, a popular choice among gamers.

One downside that gamers have pointed out is that despite having some great off road terrains, there are many well-known landmarks and such that are missing off of the island.  This includes many of the well-known Pearl Harbor landmarks.  And even the boats th are docked in the well-known harbor are inaccurate or even fake altogether.  It’s a fact; if there is one that gamers hate it’s to have false or inaccurate details.  Attention to detail is everything!

One of the coolest features of Test Drive Unlimited is the multiplayer component, which is known in gamer circles as M.O.O.R. or massively open online racing.  This is an awesome addition to any race game, but those that love Test Drive Unlimited will love this part of the game even more.  It’s a great, exciting addition to the game.  Moreover, they allow players to create and join clubs, which in turn help players, organize race events.

Like most Xbox 360 games, additional content can be bought and downloaded if you choose to do so.  This includes new cars and courses.  Currently there are 8 car packs that you can buy, and there are 8 free cars that you can use.  If you are looking for a more intense and realistic experience, then you can also download “hardcore mode” which works great with steering wheels that play with the game.

If you want to play Test Drive Unlimited on your PC there are certainly some pros and cons to this.  It is recommended that as a Windows user, you’ll have fewer issues with the 32-bit version of the game then you will with the 64-bit version.  Even if you have 4 GB of RAM, as suggested by the game manufacturer, Atari, there tend to be some conflict issues when running the 64-bit version of the game.

So you want to get the most out of your gaming experience?  Well trying playing Test Drive Unlimited on 3 or more monitors.  It creates an ultra surround view that is a lot of fun- giving you, the driver, the perspective of an actual racecar driver.  Setting this up on any Windows machine that runs any version of Windows XP or later is rather easy.  Fortunately, the folks over at Microsoft are catching on to the trend of using multiple monitors, and they are making it considerably easier to setup a multiple monitor computer system.  In fact, if you’re running Windows 7, it really just takes a couple of mouse clicks to get things going smoothly.

Overall, if you are looking for a fun driving or racing game that is easy to expand and fun to play, you should give Test Drive Unlimited a shot.  Buying expansion packs will keep the fun going and using a multiple monitor setup will make it almost as good as being on the track in real life.

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