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How Airlines Use Digital Signs Multiple Monitors 

How Airlines Use Digital Signs

How Airlines Use Digital Signs

Technology has spread its wings and exceeded our expectations by making the impossible possible. The computer, with its humble  beginnings as a device used for calculations, has changed the world. One century ago, who would have believed that communication from pole to pole using a device that can be carried in the pocket would be feasible? Or who could conceive of watching, from their home, events taking place thousands of miles away?  Today, computers are a part of almost everything we do.

The airline industry is one example where computers have been revolutionary. Computers can supervise many devices at the same time with efficiency. This is how video walls, series of monitors placed together to form one big screen, are controlled.  These video walls, along with other types of digital signage, are used to communicate important messages to passengers. For example, unexpected flight delays and cancellations can be posted. Many people, distracted by the noise and crowds inside the airport, may see these announcements on a large screen when they might not have heard an announcement over a speaker system. Passengers outside the airport can receive these notifications of schedule changes before they even leave their cars. By utilizing digital screens, the management of airports has become smoother.

The computer, with its extreme and seemingly limitless advancement, is one of the greatest inventions of the modern era.  Not only does the computer make what was absurd in the past achievable, it has changed the way we communicate at the airport, making the experience of flight even more fantastic.



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