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Just How Big is the New York Yankees New LED Scoreboard? General 

Just How Big is the New York Yankees New LED Scoreboard?

If you’re a Yankees fan then it’s hard to miss the new LED scoreboard and jumbo LED HDTV located in Center Field at Yankee Stadium.  Part of a $1.3 billion dollar renovation, this scoreboard wins the attention of anyone that dares to step foot inside the

Yankee Stadium Scoreboard
Yankee Stadium Scoreboard

stadium.  Officially the screen is 103 feet wide by 58 feet tall.  It’s resolution is 1080p, probably better than your TV, and it was designed by Mitsubishi Diamond Vision LED displays.

So what does it take to make 103 feet wide by 58 feet tall HDTV screen?  Apparently it takes 8,601,600 lamps that cover a grand total of 5,925 square feet.  And as if that wasn’t enough, this screen can actually put up a total of 4 images all at once- including picture-in-picture capabilities.  It was designed to be the same height as the stadium’s 2nd deck and occupies about ¼ of the total outfield, but was specifically designed this way so that it wouldn’t over shadow the actual game itself.  It is in a prime spot so that spectators can glance over for highlights and replays, but won’t be distracted from the overall game.  It even gives the players that are in the dugout a good view so that there’s no argument with the umpires.  Just kidding.  Actually teams are prohibited from showing “a replay of any play that could incite either team or the fans.”  And of course, the umps have the last word.

Of course, the mega screen is just part of a new tech development that is taking place at the new Yankee Stadium, where a total of 1,400 other video screens will be used as well, including 550 flat Sony Bravias, and then managed on a mini IP-based network designed by Cisco Systems.  This will allow different ads to be shown to different people at any given moment, which include those famous Yankee Stadium baseball themed marriage proposals.

Speaking of which, how do you get your name mentioned on the big screen at Yankee Stadium?  It’s not as hard as you might think.  You just need to call their front office as it turns out.  They offer a few different services.  Just having a name and/or birthday shown or similar will cost you $10.  If you’d like your name to be shown and announced then you’ll have to shell out $100, but either way it’s worth it, right?

Added to the bottom of the screen, the company Daktronics built a pretty awesome scoring system.  It’s a total of 1,280 feet long, and is made of bright and sharp LEDs as well.  It’s equal to the second deck.  It’s made of hundreds of LED cubes and features other teams info, lineups and even a light show in the evening.  It operates in a similar manner to the Times Square JumboTron.

As bezels on LED screens become smaller, the likelihood that we’ll see larger and larger screens increases because the cost continues to go down and the demand for such features is only going up.  Using a multi-screen mega video wall is a great way to give spectators great information during the game, provide additional advertising revenue and they just look cool.    It’s highly likely that you’re going to continue to notice better resolution and bigger size.  At some point in the not-so-distant future it wouldn’t surprise me if the entire back of a baseball stadium becomes one giant LED screen.  Regardless, these displays make for a nice addition to nearly all live sporting events, and as such their popularity will continue to grow.

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