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Monitor Sizes – How the Right Number and Size Means More Productivity Multiple Monitors 

Monitor Sizes – How the Right Number and Size Means More Productivity

Are you interested in learning about different monitor sizes, and how using the right number of monitors and size of monitors can help improve your office productivity? Buying the right monitor size can prove
to be a difficult thing, especially if you’re not sure what to buy. Sizes range from 13 inches (and in some extreme cases even smaller) all the way up to 84 inches which are used for massive wall displays or commercial digital signage. Most individuals don’t need displays that big. In fact, the average consuming display ranges from about 17 inches to about 22 inches.
If you are considering putting together a monitor array, it’s not uncommon to use monitor sizes between 2 and 6 22 inch monitors arranged either side by side, or stacked 2 high. This has been very helpful for some people who were trying to figure out the best way to increase their work productivity. As they’ve discovered, and you will too, the monitor size is not necessarily the most important thing. Rather, it’s important to understand that having the proper amount of desktop space and being able to view multiple programs at once will lead to a more productive day.
If you’re not sure how many monitors you need to purchase, or need additional ideas about the correct monitor sizes, give the guys over at a call. They can help you determine which size of monitor will be best for you as well as how many you should purchase for your array. They are experts in the field of monitors and will make sure that regardless of your decision, you wind up with what is going to be best for your business.

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