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Multi-Monitor System: Growing Your Business with Multiple Screens Multiple Monitors 

Multi-Monitor System: Growing Your Business with Multiple Screens

For those out there that are still stuck in 2002 and using a single screen computer, it is time to get with the times. Because there are so many great reasons to use a multi-monitor system, it’s hard for people like me to understand why you haven’t upgraded yet. In fact, it’s hard for most people that are using a multiple monitor computer system to understand the logic behind not getting with the program and
upgrading. A few years ago (circa 2000-2005) when multi-monitor systems were first becoming available and popular, you could argue that, well- they are expensive, we can’t afford them. Or you could also argue that they are too laggy or difficult to set up and use. But now days- geesssh, those excuses just don’t work anymore because that technology that was once very expensive is now much more reasonable. It’s to the point were just about anyone can afford a multiple monitor computer system. And people are using them in droves as they discover there are tons of advantages for everyone that wants to use a multiple monitor computer. In this article, we’re going to discuss the advantages of these systems, where you can buy them and how to put them to use for your advantage.
Using a multi-monitor system is no longer just for day traders and FOREX changers. Now-a-days if you can think of a business, I can help you think of a practical application for using multiple monitors. Probably the top reason for using a multi-monitor system is improving your businesses productivity. Most of us that use a computer for the majority of work know just how easy it is to get caught up skipping between programs. Opening and closing windows can be a huge time-sink. Even though you don’t realize it while you’re doing it, it’s easy to waste hours every month skipping back and forth between windows. Professionals of every level pretty much whole-heartedly agree that having multiple windows is a huge advantage to their business.
If you want to know how to use them to your advantage, just think about all the times that you’ve been sitting at your computer, trying to be productive, and you’ve had to think about which program or window you need open. Now just think about how much time you could save by simply having additional monitors and assigning each of those monitors a specific function. The numbers are ridiculous- the time you save and the money you save will be significant. They will outweigh the cost of your new computer by far. Trust me, you won’t have to wait long to start seeing the advantage of using your multiple monitor computer system.
If you’re trying to figure out where to buy your multiple monitor computer system, I have a recommendation for that too. For the past few years, every computer system that I’ve bought has come from one specific provider. These guys have been around for quite some time and tend to have not only the best prices on things, but customer service too. What I can tell you is that from a non-technical person’s point of view, you want to be able to consult with someone that actually knows what they are talking about. You also don’t want to deal with a sales person trying to up sell you junk that you don’t need, just because their boss tells that they should do so. That’s why I buy all of my computers from These guys have been in the business for a long time and really know their stuff. Plus, they are nice to deal with which makes all the difference- I mean really, who wants to deal with a grumpy and rude salesperson when you can have an experienced technician help you design the perfect custom multi-monitor computer system for your business. It’s really a no brainer.
So what kind of components should you have in your multi-monitor computer system? Well that really depends on how many monitors you intend to run, what kind of programs you use, and how much your budget is. For the average person, it’s safe to say that the Intel i3 core is plenty of juice to power 4 monitors as long as you have enough RAM as well. On another side note, these are the minimums required to run 4 or more monitors- you can always have more powerful components, but it’s always nice to know that you don’t have spend a fortune setting up your multiple monitor computer system. And there is nearly always room to upgrade. That’s one of the things that I like about; even if you buy a bare bones system, you can always upgrade as needed and the guys over there will set you up with a system that they know you can upgrade.
If you’ve been thinking about making the leap over to a multiple monitor computer system, it’s a great time to do so. Right now, the components are cheaper than ever and the technology has gotten extremely strong over the past couple of years in particular, so putting together a multi-monitor computer system just makes sense for your business. You’ll find that as you start using your multiple monitors that typical tasks that you use to dread are easier to do. They’ll be less time consuming and won’t hog as many of your mental resources. That’s why switch to a multiple monitor system just makes sense for just about any one in any industry.
Hopefully this article discussed many of the advantages to having a multiple monitor computer system. If you were on the fence before, then hopefully this article will serve as a reference point for your purchase. The advantages to using a multiple monitor system just go on and on, and if I was to list them all then we could be here all night. But know that when you decide to make the switch from a single monitor computer to a multiple monitor computer, you won’t be disappointed.

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