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Multiple Monitor Productivity Multiple Monitors 

Multiple Monitor Productivity

Many studies have been done showing that by using multiple monitor productivity is

increased. Studies were done comparing work completed at a single large screen with the same work done at workstations with multiple monitor. Each of the studies showed that the productivity definitely increased with the multiple monitors.

Writers, accountants, analysis, editors and many others will likely see an increase in multi-monitor production.  One professional stated that by using multi-monitors he could use one screen to write his article while using the second screen for research. An editor stated that he was able to edit a photo on one screen while comparing it to the original photo on the second screen. Professionals who use spreadsheets can extend it across the two monitors and see all the columns at one time.

Time is saved when you do not have to switch between applications by opening and closing window. The amount of paper shuffling is decreased and less desk top space is needed. With multiple monitors emails can be opened and answered at the same time that an application on the second monitor is being worked on and a third screen could have a word processing program going. Being able to multi-task and not having to go back and forth between windows is an advantage. Having multiple applications opens definitely saves time. Multi-monitors provide the ability to retrieve more information at the same time. Studies also have show that multi-monitors allow the users to be more efficient and make less errors thereby being more productive. Most people who have used multiple monitors say they would never go back to using only one. If using multiple monitors makes employees happy and happy employees work harder than it is fair to say that you will see an increase in multiple monitor productivity.

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