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NEC Video Wall Multiple Monitors 

NEC Video Wall

NEC has been around a long time, and as such they have built a reputation as being the GO-TO company when it comes to large displays. In fact, more companies that employ video technology use NEC Video walls than any other company. There are several awesome models that you should be aware of if you are purchasing an

ATI Multiple Monitors Flight Simulator Video Wall Display
ATI Multiple Monitors Flight Simulator Video Wall Display
NEC video wall. In this article we’re going to discuss the various models available, including the pros and cons. We’ll also touch on the cost of each, and determine where you can purchase each model. Hopefully, this article will help you determine if an NEC video wall is right for you and your business.
The NEC 82 inch Large Screen LCD Wall monitor sits in landscape orientation and commands respect from even the snottiest of monitor snobs. This professional grade display offers big-screen performance in a very big way. It works great for digital signage purposes for whatever your digital signage application may be. In fact with a screen area of 6 feet wide and 3 feet tall, it would be hard to miss this awesome screen. It will capture your target audience’s attention and keep them viewing throughout your spectacle. It comes complete with full high-definition resolution and extremely fast response times that give the widest possible viewing angles that mean high brightness and contrast. That means that your message is going to keep viewers viewing. Some common applications of this particular model are in corporate lobbies and board rooms, but this is also an ideal model for digital signage or tradeshows too.
Because NEC incorporates TileMatrix technology, you can create a custom NEC video wall that consists of up to 16 total displays. That’s sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone that sees your display. They also incorporate Wall Calibrator, a system that allows the person setting up the NEC video wall to automatically adjust multiple displays so that the color characteristics match more closely- this creates the visual illusion of a large display, rather than small ones. Moreover, NEC video walls also incorporate XtraView+ which delivers wide viewing angles and result in less in color shift and glare.
Another popular model of NEC video wall monitor is the NEC Complete 55 inch Tile Matrix video wall. This is a bit less expensive than the above mentioned model, but incorporates nearly all of the same features. However, what really stands out about this model to me is the nearly seamless look because of the ultra thin bezel. This means an almost seamless presentation that is sure to garner attention. Like the aforementioned model, the NEC Complete 55” uses TileMatrix technology and can incorporate 10×10 displays into the NEC video wall. Like all NEC products they are built for professional use and they are built to last. NEC puts its money where its mouth is by offering $50,000 lifetime insurance with its Tripp Lite Isobar surge protector. They also use high quality, premium-grade panel that provides a layer of additional thermal protection. They also use Enhanced Digital Signage Technology Suite, making it easy to connect via Ethernet connectivity and control with the NaViSet Software and DDC/CI standard. This means easier to use functionality.
If you’re looking for an NEC Video wall that will cost you significantly less, than the NEC Ultrathin Bezel 2x2x40 LCD multiple monitor Wall 102” display may be for you. This monitor uses TileMatrix technology to deliver stunning presentation. It’s easy to setup and gives a full 102 inches of display. It also features an ultrathin bezel and is perfect for video signage, tradeshow display or any other application you can set it to. The biggest difference is going to be the price and it’s definitely a more reasonable for small and medium sized businesses.
You can purchase these and many other NEC products at They are the industry leaders in the field of multiple monitor technology. They will be able to help you select, buy and setup the perfect NEC video wall solution for your business. In fact they’ve been doing just that since around 2006. They’ve even helped install video walls for the US Military- so you know they mean quality and not just quantity.
Hopefully this article was helpful for you. If you’re looking for an NEC video wall then you already know that you want a high quality and ultra high performance machine. The above mentioned models of NEC video walls provide you with just that- high quality, high performance and more. Don’t settle for something that might end up being inferior in bother performance and style, NEC is the company to beat when it comes to video wall technology that is perfect!

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