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One Impressive Video Wall – the Comcast Center in Philadelphia Multiple Monitors 

One Impressive Video Wall – the Comcast Center in Philadelphia

On the Northwest corner of 17th and Arch Streets in one of the oldest and best-known cities in the U.S., you’ll find the Comcast Center.  Inside sits the largest four-millimeter LED display in the world!  It stretches over 83 feet wide and 25 feet tall, the square footage of a 3 bedroom home (2100 feet.)  Over 18 hours a day this screen broadcasts high-impact imagery to visitors of the Comcast Center, which consists of completely unique programming that was designed specifically for the Comcast center.

Video walls have become a public art form.  I mean think about it, in 16th century England, gothic buildings were amazing to look at, but now buildings in big cities are designed to display large signage.  And sure, there are advertisements that are part of that signage (you’ve got to pay the bills somehow,) but more importantly are the displays that aren’t just about bringing in cash.  There are video screens that cause us to OHHH and AHHHH when we see them.  The CEO of Comcast agrees, saying this about the Comcast Center video wall:

“Given the strong relationship between Comcast and Liberty and Philadelphia, we wanted to make this special gift to the City in connection with the construction and building of our new headquarters.

“Philadelphia is known for its public art and The Comcast Experience is a tribute to the spirit of creativity and technology that is part of the fabric of this city.”

And he’s right; creativity can shine through a video screen.  Modern artists are more Photoshop experts then painting experts.  Have you seen some of the designs modern digital artists can create?  It’s amazing.  In fact there are YouTube videos demonstrating this, starting from scratch.  I’m pretty sure Picasso would have been quite impressed.

The technology that makes screens like the one at the Comcast Center possible is a technique called 3-Camera Panorama, which is basically taking 3 very powerful cameras, placing them side-by-side and filming just about anything you can imagine.  Some of my favorite shots are the cityscapes such as New York City, Philadelphia, Chicago, London, Paris and Milan.  But the nature shots can be amazing (and just as awe inspiring as well.  The cool thing about this technique is that it offers a full 10 million pixels, creating this ultra real image.  With this amount of pixels, it’s actually 5 times the resolution of the best hi-definition TVs.  The images are so vivid that you might just forget where you are.  The images are randomly selected from a drive that stores thousands of amazing shots.  This means that the images are constantly changing and you never know what you’re going to see next!

The Comcast center is officially the tallest building in the Philly, so it only makes sense that it would have such a spectacular screen inside, adding the building’s beauty.  And it’s worth mentioning that this isn’t just a run of the mill office building, there are plenty of reasons to stop by and check it out.  There are over 20 stores in side the building and some of your favorite restaurants too.  If you like seeing new attractions, then come by   and check out this building.  You can grab a cup of coffee at Bucks County Coffee Co. or eat Mexican Post’s primo quesadillas.

Whatever your reason for stopping in the Comcast Center, the video wall is bound to impress you.  Modern art has taken a new twist that inspires, impresses and is overall a great addition to the city of Philadelphia.

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