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Shanhai International Airport – Video Wall of China Multiple Monitors 

Shanhai International Airport – Video Wall of China

There are multiple airports in Shanghai, China – The Honggiao Airport and the Pudong Airport.  Both have one thing in common though- their advertising is managed by the well-known JCDecaux Momentum Shanghai Airport Advertising Company.  They are known for the more than 209 displays that they manage throughout Asia and the world.

Among other things these companies manage the type of content that gets displayed within the airport, which often includes advertising, but also includes other content as well, such as announcements from the airport authority and live TV.  One thing that JCDecaux Momentum Shanghai Airport Advertising Company does that’s kind of neat is that they arrange content in a synchronized manner.  For example they’ll have digital signs arranged in groups, that display the same information and an image may jump from one screen to the other.  Pretty cool huh?


Digital airport displays like this are becoming more and more popular as they seem to be popping up all over the globe.  It just so happens that a large number of companies also design and manufacturer their displays in China.  And China is no stranger to using technology to an advantage.  Displays of how technology is truly innovated into Chinese culture can be found all over China’s largest cities, and Shanghai is no exception to that rule.  Other cities through China are good examples as well.  This is a trend that is likely to continue too, because this digital signage technology is only going to improve.


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