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Specific Benefits of Using Multiple Monitors in Your Work or Home Setup Multiple Monitors 

Specific Benefits of Using Multiple Monitors in Your Work or Home Setup

Adding one or more monitors to your current computer system can be a complete game-changer. Give it a week or two, and you will wonder how you ever got along without it. However, there are several things to consider before committing to a dual- or multi-monitor setup. For example, do you have the physical desktop space to accommodate the extra monitors? It’s important that monitors are comparable to each other, so they will line up correctly and provide the maximal visual effect.

Next, you need to verify that your computer can handle multi-monitor output. You may need to purchase an auxiliary video card if your computer has video integrated with the motherboard. Fortunately, the majority of video cards support dual-monitor output. When all the hardware is in place, Windows will automatically detect the monitors. Your next step is to specify a “primary” display in Display Settings. The primary display can consist of both monitors for a dual-monitor system, a popular choice.

By default, the monitors will display the same desktop wallpaper. Some users prefer to download dual-monitor management software, that allows the user more control over customizing such settings. A good example of such a software package is DisplayFusion. DisplayFusion, available in both a free and paid, upgraded form, offers various features that allow the user to take full advantage of a multi-monitor setup.

One cool feature of DisplayFusion is that it gives the user the ability to display a different wallpaper for each monitor. This seemingly simple alteration can allow room for seemingly endless creativity. Or some users may prefer to use DisplayFusion to create a panoramic effect over the different monitors. Be careful with this feature, though. Certain images can become blurry or choppy when stretched among different screens. An easy remedy for this problem can be a simple Google search for “Multi-Monitor Wallpaper.” Users can choose from thousands of images already created for this very purpose, or feel free to create their own!

In addition to creative benefits, multi-monitor users can also access specific applications, such as Synergy, that allow them to use all of their hardware more efficiently. With Synergy, a user can seamlessly scroll from monitor to monitor with the point of one mouse. Keyboards and other, networked computers can be configured to work with the new monitors in the same fashion. Users can also configure different screensavers to fulfill different needs as some tasks may require more resources than others.

Multi-monitor users can enjoy the freedom to “have their cake and eat it too.” It is common for dual-monitor users to designate one computer for work in progress and assign another monitor for “sideline” tasks such as email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Stock traders can take advantage of having current trading information displayed while being able to conduct other business alongside the stocks. Day traders, who know that time is of the essence, can see up-to-date quote information while being able to conduct research and/or communicate with other professionals. Multi-monitor manufacturers know that all of your tasks are important, and they bring them all to you simultaneously.  That way, you never have to neglect a task and you can maximize both your productivity and your creativity.

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