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SUPERPC | 4K | 3X3 VIDEO WALL CONTROLLER 9 Monitor Controllers General Uncategorized VideoWall Packages 


SUPERPC has just released their newest addition to the Video Wall Family. SUPERPC-VWC-3X3-4K is capable of producing a Video Wall at TRUE 4k resolution across 9 monitors. One input can easily turn your video, image, video game, etc.. into a massive wall of your content. Never before has this been possible with 9 Monitors from a Controller in 4k. Our Controllers are incredibly user friendly. You aren’t limited to using only 9 monitors configurations with this product. You can make arrays in 2×2 , 3×2 , 2×3 , 1×4 , 4×2…

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SUPER PC | 2×2 8K Complete Video Wall Solution 2x2 8k Floor Stand 2x2 Complete VideoWall Package 8k Video Wall packages 2x2 8k Videowalls General Multiple Monitors Two by Two Complete Videowall Package Uncategorized VideoWall Packages 

SUPER PC | 2×2 8K Complete Video Wall Solution

SUPER PC has revealed their Complete VideoWall Solutions. Today’s highlight is the SPC-VWP-2X2-03. SUPER PC is offering an entire Video Wall Package for a low price. This package comes with a monstrous solid steel floor stand, a 2×2 True 4K Video Wall Controller, 4 huge 55 Inch 4K Monitors, and all the cordage you’ll need to get up and running. These packages are unheard of to be sold to small businesses and domestic users. This is truly an amazing deal! Typically a buyer would be lucky to find 2 of these items on the same…

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