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Video Walls in Piccadilly Circus Multiple Monitors 

Video Walls in Piccadilly Circus

Video Walls in Piccadilly Circus Advertisement is an important part in the growth of any business, large or small. The marketing maxim is, “The more you spend, the more you earn.” Of course, that money must be spent wisely, too.  So, businesses are always searching for the newest and most effective ways to reach their customers.  There are multiple advertising techniques available to businesses today and the question that must be answered is, “which medium is most effective?” In the rapidly changing postmodern era, people spend more time away from…

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Video Walls in the Conference Room Setting Multiple Monitors 

Video Walls in the Conference Room Setting

Video walls used in conference room setting   The title of this article might give the impression that this is about a huge projector in a corporate business room, just like the old days. But instead we’re going to talk about an emerging trend in conference rooms, a trend that you’ve likely noticed, video walls and how they are used for various purposes in the corporate setting. There are several other names which are used to represent the word video wall, such as, data wall, and media wall etc. a…

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Trade Show Displays and Video Walls Multiple Monitors 

Trade Show Displays and Video Walls

In a worldwide economy it’s important that everyone know and understand how they can   meet others that are in their field.  It’s important that others know how they can find new prospects with the eventual goal of being able to find new prospects that will lead to strong business growth.  In fact at popular trade shows, it’s not uncommon for the guy (or gal) with the biggest and flashiest display to get most of the floor traffic.  In fact, I’ve been to trade shows where people were literally lined…

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Video Walls Multiple Monitors 

Video Walls

As the name suggest, video walls refer to the compactly placed arrangements of displays that enable one to watch larger than life picture from a fair amount of distance. These walls have traditionally found usage in entertainment, surveillance, and Control and Monitoring applications. The display technologies generally include projection screens, DLP tiles, LED arrays, LCD panels. The screens used in larger displays are flat and provide better picture clarity. To reduce the spacing between display areas, thee screens come with narrow bezels. The screens usually come with necessary hardware equipments…

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