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The Advantages of Using Digital Signage for Government Offices Multiple Monitors 

The Advantages of Using Digital Signage for Government Offices

The Advantages of Using Digital Signage for Government Offices

Government offices have started using digital signage as a means to easily inform, not only those whom work in their offices, but also the general public of on going projects within that particular government building. Using this technology is not only a way for the government to keep up to date with the present innovations, but also as a cost efficient means to keep constituents easily informed of things taking place within the building, such as meetings, visitors to various departments, community events, etc.

The usage of digital signage has increased tremendously all over the world with China being the largest consumer. At present there are multitudes of companies manufacturing or even controlling digital signage as means to help inform the public.

Digital signage is simply a digital screen which performs tasks that traditional signs do, as well as showing television programs, advertisements, announcements, menus, and many others. It uses display technology such as LCD and LED. Digital signage is usually installed on both community and personal places such as stores, hotels, corporate buildings, and of course government offices.

Controlling the digital signage is easy. Computer device or office servers using specialized programs for the purpose of posting messages usually do this. Such programs also act as drivers for these devices.

Digital signage came about as a cheaper and more efficient alternative to posting announcements. Compared to static signs, it saves time, energy, and money. One of the greatest advantages of using digital signage in government office buildings is that it’s easier to update the information displayed. In addition digital signage is also interactive. Placing colors or images to make it look interesting and eye-catching (or make it animated) are a couple of tricks used to grab the attention of building visitors.

The interactive feature of this digital signage is the reason why these are also seen outside of buildings. It means that digital signs can also be used as powerful and compelling advertisements. Certain companies use this as a way to advertise their products or services to people who are walking down the streets or in offices or public places. This has proven to be an effective way for governments to earn additional revenue and improve their programs without placing an additional tax burden on their constituents.

Additionally, digital signage can also integrate touch screen technology. This is the reason why most government offices also use this display. It also serves as an easy way for clients to do transactions or easily browse for information.

Technology of Digital Signage

Digital signage is composed of a screen (or multiple screens), media player, and content management server. This is all networked together to produce the desired display. Sometimes one signage is composed of multiple screens, media players and content management, which are all in synchrony, allowing each screen to show a specific part of the certain advertisement. And while it may cost a bit more, digital signs are available that have these three features combined into one component. The advantage is it’s a bit easier to setup, however, maintenance is similar regardless of the style of digital sign that you choose.

When it comes to modern screen displays, the most used is the LED matrix, primarily because LED displays are cheaper and use less energy than their CRT, Plasma and LCD counterparts. No additional component is needed to control or showcase the picture such as those in LCD displays.  With companies and government offices focusing on being green, another reason why LED displays are so popular is because they use less energy, making them more environmental friendly. Different styles of LED’s, such as OLED or AMOLED, are safer to use and are more durable. Because these displays are also enhanced, they offer up a clearer/higher resolution image as well.

Purpose of digital signage in government offices

Usage of digital signage is becoming more popular in many businesses and since the private sector typically drives government innovation, this is the reason why the government sees it fit to use them in informing the public.

  • Digital signage posts various public information such as news, weather, travels information and certain news headlines like the current stock market information. This helps keep government manage things running smoothly, such as infrastructure projects, funding, and medical missions.
  • Menu information is another reason common use of digital signage. This is not only limited in restaurants, but in health organizations too. But we’re not just talking about the food being served, but also nutritional facts informing consumers of food that may be unhealthy.  They also have photos of food and recipes that can be prepared for those who are looking after their diet. This can also include medical supplements provided in public hospitals and clinics and even treatments.
  • Advertisement is the most common reason why such signage exists outside buildings. The government needs to update the people on certain services from their offices. In addition, posting job openings not only in their offices, but also in other establishments is an advantage of digital signage. Even health announcements such as advocacy campaigns can be easily displayed with digital signs. And during election season, digital signs may be used to help aid in the election process. For example, these signs are a convenient and efficient way to inform people of certain events that concern the nation, such as debates or speeches.
  • Displays are also used as a way to inform people who visit government offices, especially those where there’s registration involved, managing a long line of people waiting to see an agent. They even help direct constituents to which booth or office they should go.
  • Another benefit of display signage is interactive screen maps which are used to give people direction on what each floor has or where they can find a certain office they need to go to.



Informing the public

Government offices fulfill a number of crucial roles, such as informing their constituents of important events, emergency weather management, other alert services, and so much more.  Such informational devices are a great help to government offices.

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