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Tokyo Builds the World’s Largest High Definition Screen General 

Tokyo Builds the World’s Largest High Definition Screen

In Fuchu city Japan a new monster has sprung up, but it isn’t Godzilla. It’s their 8,066 square foot monster at the Tokyo Racecourse. This display takes the cake when it comes

Tokyo Racecourse Scoreboard
Tokyo Racecourse Scoreboard

to large displays in the eastern hemisphere, it’s fitting that it popped up at a horseracing track. Of course, it’s fitting that the screen has popped up at the gigantic horse racing track, that is sprawled out over a couple of miles. The screen itself is the longest in the world, and for a short while was the world’s largest high definition screen.

Originally built by Mitsubishi Diamond Vision, this screen outdid the square footage of the LED displays you’ll find in Texas or Miami, or even the monster display at Turner Field in Atlanta. One of the interesting things about the display is the length (which as the time of writing is still the longest display in the world.) It measures a whopping 218 feet long and only 37 feet high. The neat thing about this display is that it allows spectators to view up to 3 races at once. At the time it was constructed it overtook the screen at the Texas Longhorn’s stadium for the largest screen in the world. Of course, since then several others have popped up all over the globe, the largest of which can be found in Charlotte North Carolina at the NASCAR track there. An odd fact about this screen is that it’s actually in 5.89 aspect ration, rendering it virtually useless for many other types of entertainment, but it is 720p resolution, which is superior to what most people still have on their home TV. It uses a technology referred to as Turf Vision to display powerful and high impact images, as fans watch from the stands with excitement.

Horse race fans have been overall very receptive of the screen as it seems to improve their overall experience and allows them to enjoy up to 3 races at once. The Japanese are somewhat fanatical when it comes to horse racing, so it seems only right that they should have one of the world’s largest screens in their backyard. As with most of these jumbo displays it has improved the overall user experience as fans flock to see their favorite horse go round.

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