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Trade Show Displays and Video Walls Multiple Monitors 

Trade Show Displays and Video Walls

In a worldwide economy it’s important that everyone know and understand how they can   meet others that are in their field.  It’s important that others know how they can find new prospects with the eventual goal of being able to find new prospects that will lead to strong business growth.  In fact at popular trade shows, it’s not uncommon for the guy (or gal) with the biggest and flashiest display to get most of the floor traffic.  In fact, I’ve been to trade shows where people were literally lined up past other vendors because a particular display or promotion caught their attention.  In this article were going to show off some of the coolest trade show displays and talk about where they were at and some of the particulars.  In particular we’re going to discuss multiple monitor and video wall displays because the trend tends to be going toward all video displays these days.

Now this may not seem like a big deal to most people, but this is actually one of my favorite vendors, and they are demoing one of my favorite products, the Matrox TripleHead2Go.  This display is pretty simple, but it catches your eye because if you’re not using multiple monitors, you’re probably wondering how they were able to pull this off, and what the little box behind the monitors is and what it does.

In recent years Microsoft sold their famous Flight Simulator to war machine Lockheed Martin.  This is their display at a trade show demoing the awesome flight simulator.  I like this setup because it gives anyone that hasn’t seen the flight simulator in action a chance to play with great graphics on a 1080p 40 inch display.

Here is a great tradeshow display from Nike and there are a few things that really stand out in this display.  Of course they have multiple screens that are showing off different new product features and benefits, but they also have some strong bright visuals that attract attention.



My favorite thing about this display is the, uh, big screen in the background that shows my favorite car, the Porsche, performing.  Reel them in with the car and deliver interesting facts or other information with your digital wall display.  This works like a charm.



Other than being the king of search Google has been known to be king of the trade show, often giving great presentations to demo new products or features.  Here they just have a few computers setup and are undoubtedly showing off one of their new apps, features or something else cool, because that’s what Google does!



WOW!  Samsung really knows how to make an impression.  This is their video wall when they were announcing the competition that that they were releasing against the iPhone and the iPad.  Apparently they nailed it too because they are really penetrating the market, but that’s a whole other article.  What we can talk about are the 173 screens that made up their wall of vision at this trade show.  It was quite a site to see.



Sony loves to do it large and at this trade show it was no exception.  They have a huge display with their name and big lights.  But it doesn’t stop there, behind that big sign they had various displays lined up behind the flashy lights and they were demonstrating some of their newest products, including the Sony Vaio.  There’s no doubt though that these displays make




Here’s an Apple iPhone tradeshow display and I love what they’ve done here the use of multiple monitors to create a video wall inside of an iPhone.  This is a great example of how you can use an interesting visual presentation to grab attention and sell your product.  The iPhone went on to revolutionize the way we thought about personal communication, it’s undoubted that this display played a small part in the build up to its original release.



If you’ve been to any tech related trade shows, and as I a blogger I try to attend at least a couple each year, then you know that eBay always has a strong presence.  Much like the way apple revolutionized the personal communication industry, eBay was up and running in the late 1990’s and changed the way we thought about buying and selling online.  But they haven’t stopped and have continuously tried to improve the way they run their company.  Their displays always pack a punch and trade shows and I love to stop by their both to see what new service they’re going to be offering next!


Last, but not least, I really like this Panasonic display, because I think it captures a lot of cool features of a good trade show display.  They have black lights with white objects to grab your attention.  They also have a strange video wall configuration that looks more art deco than trade show.  I just think it’s a cool way to grab the attention of potential clients.  Panasonic is a big brand that has been around for a long time.  It’s likely that they will continue to impress trade show attendees with stunning visual displays.


Hopefully this has shown you a little bit of what is possible at trade shows these days.  More and more companies are using powerful video wall displays to grab attention, but it doesn’t always have to be the traditional video wall that we think of when we think video wall.  The creative minds of big and small companies think of amazing ways to put video to work for them at these shows that they guarantee that no one is going to miss their booth.

When it comes to creating a great trade show display, I think one of the most important things to remember is that creativity and uniqueness counts.  Making your display stand out with a multiple monitor video wall is an excellent way to grab extra attention.  And if your business is like mine, one important thing to remember is that a new client or customer is worth its weight in gold, so don’t be afraid to go all out with your video wall display and create something that will really impress those potential clients.  A video wall display can deliver your message and create a positive scene that no one will forget.

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