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Trading Computer Setup Multiple Monitors 

Trading Computer Setup

If day trading is your passion, then you’ll appreciate a trading computer setup because it will make you feel powerful. Day traders have known for years that having the right tools to do their job means higher profits and less time wasted. If you’re trading stocks, FOREX or you’re involved in any other financial market then using a trading computer is going to be a big advantage to your business and you should be using one now. This report is going to discuss the advantages of using multiple monitors with your trading computer setup. We’re also going to examine the parts that your trading computer should have and where you can get the best deal and best service when you purchase your trading computer setup.
Why do day traders need a trading computer setup? That’s probably number one question bouncing through your mind right now. Day traders require a number of things to be successful, the majority of which are obvious. These include things like a powerful and fast internet connect, a quiet work space, access to real time trading info, and the appropriate software. Where they sometimes lack is in the right equipment. Having the right tools is crucial to any important job. A doctor would be lost without his stethoscope; a carpenter would be lost without his hammer. For a day trader having a powerful, fast trading computer setup is almost as important as the knowledge that he has. Being able to analyze and utilize data both quickly and without too much extra thought is of the upmost importance. And that’s why having a trading computer setup is so important. When it comes to being able to analyze and utilize data quickly, that’s where this counts.
Service counts when you are making a major purchase and that’s why I like the guys at They’ve been a key reliable source for me over the years when it comes to purchasing new computer equipment and I can honestly say that they are the go-to-guys in the multiple monitor computer business. I don’t just make recommendations lightly, but I use these guys for my entire computer needs these days. The reason why is that they seem have the best grasp on the latest technologies and can put together a system that will help you succeed. Trust me; I wouldn’t just say this about anyone. I’ve been dealing with their owner for years (well since 2006) and I’ve always been treated respectfully. But most importantly I’ve been able to trust their advice. They’ve put together some pretty amazing computer systems for me and they’ve always been reliable and have helped me achieve my goals. That’s why I like them so much. That’s why I appreciate what they do so much and that’s why I recommend them so often.
So what kind of computer makes the best trading computer setup? A little common sense will go a long way these days. When you’re looking for the best components for your computer you have to take a number of things into consideration. A trading computer setup has somewhere between 4 and 12 monitors typically, so you need to know how many monitors you will be using. You also need to consider how many programs you’re going to be running and how resource intensive those programs are going to be. With all of that said, you can estimate that the average trading computer setup is going to have a minimum of an Intel i3 processor. That’s 2.93 GHz, for those keeping track. For a 4 monitor computer system that’s really about the least amount of processing power that you want to use. If you go any lower than that then you risk experiencing lags in your data, which will cost you money. Of course, everyone has different needs, so I don’t want you to think that this is set in stone, it’s more of a guideline. Next you need to consider RAM (or memory as some like to call it.) RAM is probably the second most important aspect of your components. If you don’t use enough, then again- expect lags. A lot of people think that if they just through in a powerful processor that they’ve got a great trading computer setup, but the fact of the matter is that RAM is an extremely important component.
Last, but certainly not least, on the list of important components is the video card that you choose. You want to make sure that you choose a video card that can handle multiple monitors, something dual headed at minimum. In all of my day trading computer setups I have 1GB of GDDR5 Radeon HD5670 which seems to work perfectly for my systems. Again, you can purchase more expensive cards and you can purchase cheaper video cards, but that’s not necessarily what you need for your computer. This is again, of course, where you should consider going to an expert, like the guys at and asking them for advice on what to buy. This isn’t something that you’re going to want to attack alone- there are so many variables to consider.
I know a number of guys that are currently using multiple monitor trading systems instead of a typical single monitor computer. They are all in the financial sector and they all have been around the block a few times when it comes to equipment that they use. That’s why when they told me that they are using a trading computer (along with some of the other things I mentioned at the beginning of this article) I thought it best to jump on it. I mean, some of these guys have been in the day trading business for decades. They’ve seen fads come and go very quickly and they know what will actually help their businesses grow, versus things that are going to end up being a time-sink and hurting their businesses.
Don’t think that just because you’ve been successful in the past that you can’t improve your business using a multiple monitor computer trading system. Like I mentioned before, the guys that use these systems have been around the block, they’ve seen it all. You have to start asking yourself the question- where should I really be investing my resources. The answer should always come back to – who is making the most out of their business and what parts of their success strategy can I incorporate into my success strategy. I think that’s the number one question that anyone should be asking themselves as they look to the future of their business.
The idea behind this article was to help you discover the facts about multiple monitor computers and more importantly, day trading computer systems. If you’re a day trader that’s operating with the proper equipment then you are a day trader that isn’t maximizing your profits. That’s why I’ve stress the importance of not just any day trading system, but a computer system that will be able to meet all of your needs. That’s why I also advocate speaking with a professional before making your purchase. The time to maximize your performance in the day trading space is now. It’s time to upgrade to a multiple monitor computer trading system.

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