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Trading Desktop Multiple Monitors 

Trading Desktop

Most serious traders and investors that pay close attention to the financial markets have a trading desktop setup with at least 2 monitors. For day traders and FOREX traders alike, the advantages of having a trading desktop with a monitor array will far outweigh the disadvantages or concerns of space on
their desk. And now that there is such a nice variety of LCD and LED displays that are flat and easy to arrange, especially with the use of multiple monitor stands, there is even less reason to worry.
Installing a trading desktop with multi-monitors on a computer with the newest processors (like the Intel Core i3, i5, i7 Core 2 Duo/Quad and the AMD Athlon and Phenom) is fairly easy to do. If you need additional equipment will depend mostly on what type of video card you already have installed on your desktop. While some day traders prefer to use big brand desktops like Dell or HP, the majority have figured out that building a custom design is a much more reliable approach to having a great system. Hopefully though, they were smart enough to grab a dual or quad-monitor capable PCI Expres graphics card when they were designing their system. The fact is most computers that you buy at large retailers like Best Buy or even Wal-Mart will have graphics cards that are only equipped to handle a single monitor display.
If you are a stock, futures or FOREX trader then you’re probably looking for the easiest and quickest method to setup a multiple monitor trading desktop. Off the shelf systems are hard to come by at local retailers. However, if you don’t mind ordering from the web, has an awesome selection of multiple monitor computers that are out of the box ready to display multiple monitors. One such example is the Super PC Dual Monitor Computer from their Multi-Tasking Series. This computer features an i5 Intel processor and an HD5670 graphics card that is already capable of running multiple monitors. It also comes with Windows 7 which makes setting up and arranging your multiple monitors a real breeze.
If you’re looking for the latest in graphics card technology for your trading desktop then it’s a PCI Expresed based graphics card that you are after. They are the latest technology bus for video card adapters. Much like the previous generation of cards they have one main advantage- they are faster. You need to have a dual head PCIe card like the HD5670 graphics card or the NVidia Quadro if you want to run multiple monitors. Fortunately, the cost on these cards is not too terrible at this point. These cards are kind of a no brainer for a trader trying to build a quality trading PC.
If your current card is a single headed card then you really have a couple of solutions that you can employ- either buy a new dual head graphics card, like one of the ones listed above, or you can by an adapter like the Matrox DualHead2Go or TripleHead2Go. These adapters allow you to hook up additional monitors without any internal hardware installs. This means it’s easier to get setup. And the cool thing is that they aren’t too much more expensive than a regular graphics card.
One problem you may encounter if you are trying to install a dual head graphics card into an older computer is that the older computer may only have PCI slots. This means that you will have to install an additional PCI VGA card for each additional monitor that you’d like to install. The good news is that these cards are pretty darn cheap these days. The bad news is of course it’s more to install, so it will be a little more work on your part. The point being, however, that you can incorporate the same technologies in an older computer as well.
So the main thing now that you have to consider is what type of monitors to buy. The old CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) monitors are no longer viable option. They’re big, bulky and eat tons of energy. Instead we now have LCD and LED displays, with LED being the most recent an easily the best option. This is probably why most people are opting to go with LED. A big advantage to the LED monitors for your trading desktop is that they are super compact and light weight. However, if you’re looking to spend less money than LCD monitors aren’t bad either. They just aren’t quite as sharp of an image.
Overall putting together a great trading desktop isn’t all that tough, it just requires a little know how and information on what’s available. For those of us that aren’t always up to date with the latest trends in technology, then the better option might be to pay a company that does this regularly to build your system. One such company is called They can help you design the perfect computer for your situation, and you won’t be disappointed. They’ve been helping companies put together amazing systems for almost 10 years and they are still going strong. They are the go to company for the US Military on some of their biggest video wall projects, so that means they are reliable and should be your go to company too! They mean business when it comes to trading desktops.

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