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Video Walls Help Maintain Security Offices Multiple Monitors 

Video Walls Help Maintain Security Offices

In this modern day in age, we have to be prepared for the worst.  Being vigilant and having strong security protocols are part of what keeps us safe.  Fortunately for us   technology has made this significantly easier than it use to be.  In fact, I’ve walked into malls before and I’ve seen control rooms with as many as 20 monitors on the wall.  Technology has made it significantly easier to watch, split and monitor large areas for things that might be suspicious.  Technology is lending a hand video help keep you safe.

It was so long ago that a security officer would sit around watching a black and white monitor in a small isolated room.  He probably did more donut eating then he did security though.  In reality his one monitor was probably split 4 ways, giving him tiny images that were nearly impossible to watch.  It was really more of an illusion of security than actual security.  I can only imagine that the eye site of those security officers went bad after a few short years of staring at tiny black and white images.  It’s pathetic really.

Well fortunately for everyone that has changed.  If a crime is committed it’s going to be caught, and if it’s not, well at least it isn’t the security guard’s fault.  Large high definition LED displays don’t hurt your eyes, even after hours of viewing.  They also make it significantly easier to catch small details.  In fact, with modern technology, images may even appear almost real- it’d be hard not to catch a criminal in the act.  The beauty of this whole thing is that this technology is not extremely expensive.  You can build a custom video wall display inexpensively and it will make a huge difference in your ability to secure areas effectively.

In addition to high definition monitors, specialty software is available that will allow you to split your video wall in nearly any configuration that you see fit.  This gives you the ability to monitor high traffic or high danger areas far more carefully than without.   Casinos even use special facial recognition software to help keep banned parties out of the casino.

Video wall controllers, such as the Xtreme4vs allow you to hook up as many monitors as necessary (up to 9) so that you can create the ultimate video wall.  The even allow high definition monitoring.  The cool thing is that this relatively easy to do too.  You don’t have to be an expert to setup a high-end video wall for your security office.

Hopefully this article has taught you about some of the advantages of using a multiple monitor video wall set up for your security office.  With a little bit of planning you can improve the security of your business.  Once you’ve upgraded your facility to a multiple monitor wall facility it will pay for itself very quickly with the added benefits of less chance of crime, reduced shoplifting.  In the event that there is a crime that takes place, you’ll be able to quickly reduce help police solve the crime that has take place.  A video wall will help keep you safe and you’ll quickly come to appreciate the benefits of using a multiple monitor video wall.

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